After deciding on the topic of this project, it was onto writing a research proposal. The proposal needed to be precise in conveying what the research paper was about, why the topic was important, how I’m going to be doing it (the methodology) and existing pieces of literature in this area. The proposal was important to get right and for it to be precise. Other people should be able to read it, and have a brief understanding of what the paper is about and also be interested or intrigued to read the paper.

After some iteration and refinement the proposal and topic has been modified. The original topic was to have two groups between the ages of 10-12 and have them play the game of Poptropica, however this methodology raised some ethical concerns and the process of having access to these groups would have meant going through school principles. The current topic has been changed to an older age range in order to make accessibility easier and the game that will be played will be changed from general knowledge concepts to something that teaches a more specific concept. This prevents the case of either group knowing more about the topic than the other before the experiment has even started.

The game that will be played still needs some consideration, however I am thinking about one called Robobug, a code debugging game. Using this game I can use students at Media Design School as my two groups, making accessibility a lot easier.

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